Why you shouldn’t worry too much about your accent.

Many 2nd or 3rd language learners feel uncomfortable because of their accent.
Instead of being ashamed of having an accent, we will show you today that it is perfectly normal to have one, and you should actually be proud of it!

1- Biological limits:


It is indeed a lot more complicated to learn how to place your tong or how to move your mouth to make a proper sound when you are an adult than a toddler.
Also, the brain is not able to distinguish sounds the same way a newborn does.

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2- Your accent shows that you are smart

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It is obvious when someone speaks with an accent that they speak in a foreign language! This means that you are capable of learning and expressing yourself in a language different from your native tongue.
Recruiters will be impressed by this extra skill!

3- Your accent reflects your culture

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We are increasingly becoming multilingual in a globalized world, but our accent remains our mark of individuality! It is usually a marker of nationality or the region from which we originate. It is a way to keep our roots alive 😊

4- Your accent is fun

Contrary to what we think, people will often consider your accent “cute” or “fun”.
It is also known to be very charming!

5- Your accent is… you!

Therefore, instead of focusing on having the “perfect” accent and trying to be someone else, you should focus on mastering the grammar and building your vocabulary in the foreign language you wish to master.

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